Are We Coexisting or Competing?

Waking up is a task on its own, and now waking up with technology has become the norm. Morning comes, and I check my wrist b(r)and for health metrics, work reminders, and birthdays before rolling out of my bed. Mundane things like brushing my teeth and avoiding eye contact in the mirror aren’t a priority anymore.

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As I try to write this, I can’t help but wonder, has AI taken over my life? Can AI and HI (Human Intelligence) coexist peacefully, or are we in for an epic faceoff? Only time (and maybe some positive cynicism) will tell. But the truth is AI has become an indispensable part of my life.

On the one hand, there’s no doubt that AI is here to stay – it is a disruptive force that is capable of making strides in various fields. But on the other, there are legitimate concerns about the negative impacts it could have. With great power comes responsibility. While AI has several advantages, we, as humans, need to continue prioritizing global and domestic concerns and use AI to improve human capabilities.

AI will pave the way for layoffs, and we already see that happening. But here’s what studies show – AI may replace 85 million jobs but it will also create 97 million jobs worldwide by 2025. Building the right skillset is key to capitalizing on this. (how many jobs are at stake now? 🤔)

That being said, let’s not downplay human/natural intelligence. Humans are using AI extensively to solve global concerns, including reducing the hazardous environmental impact caused by factories and humans alike. But here’s the challenge – we need to make sure we aren’t swapping one set of problems for another. Sure, AI can help reduce water waste in factories and agriculture, and automation of processes can help reduce resource wastage. But if the AI systems responsible for production are trained on biased or incomplete data, we could just be perpetuating those same biases and shortcomings.

So, here’s my question – are we on the cusp of a progressive technological future, or are we just mining glory in misery?

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