Mastering visual storytelling

You hear something today, and you will retain only a measly 10% of it three days later. Add a picture to that piece of information and you will retain a whopping 65% of it! 🤯 True fact.


With a miniscule attention span, humans tend to thrive on visual content. When it comes to visual storytelling in marketing, the possibilities are endless. Here are some visual elements you can use to transform ordinary messages and stories into captivating narratives and experiences:

💡Coco Cola’s infographic gives an overview of the company. Easy to glance through. Easier to recall.

💡Apple’s explainer video on how to edit a selfie is simple yet informative: 


💡 Remember Sundrop and its iconic TV ad? Watching the ad today feels like an instant time travel back to the good ol’ days. That’s the magic of visual storytelling – where visuals make memories come alive.


You and your team poured your creative juices into crafting a compelling narrative, sprinkled some convincing data, and presented it to the world using the magic of visual storytelling. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned. 

What in the picture-perfect world went wrong? 

Visual storytelling is like that trendy dance move everyone is attempting on social media – it’s everywhere, but not everyone knows why they’re doing it or how to pull it off. In other words, they’re jumping on the visual storytelling bandwagon simply because others are busting their moves.

  • Need to simplify complex information and make data digestible? Use infographics. 
  • Want to share pro-level explanations, tips, and behind-the-scenes goodness? Consider short and long-form videos.
  • Want to showcase products and evoke emotions? Try photos. 
  • Want to spark a conversation with your audience on social media? Share quote cards, memes, and GIFs. 
  • Got a wordy blog to publish?  Add pictures to supplement your blog and break the monotony
  • Success stories? Use screenshots!Those little captures of triumph will make your audience say, “I want what they’re having!”

💡Spotify Wrapped is a hit every single year simply because it is personalized, interactive, and visually engaging. 

Next, hold your visuals up for scrutiny and ask yourselves three important questions. Warning: We may or may not be merciless truth warriors ’cause we’re about to lay down the facts.

  1. Is this what my audience wants? If you’ve done your research, the answer will be a resounding “Yes!” 😉
  2. Does the final output strike the ultimate balance between clarity and creativity? You want your message to shine, not blind your audience with confusion.
  3. Do I have a solid engagement plan in place? Visuals floating around the internet don’t serve a purpose unless there’s an engagement plan in place.

But wait… there’s more. Ace your storytelling game and turn passive spectators into active participants with interactive visual content. Think quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments, games, and calculators—stuff that makes your audience go, “Hey, this is fun and interesting!” You can have a conversation with your audience, and understand their mindset as they actively engage, make choices, and share personal experiences. 

If this seems like too much work for you and you don’t want to break a sweat, we’re just a message awayESSENTIATE would love to work with you and do the heavy lifting to showcase your brand story to the world!  

In the realm of Information Architecture and Marcom, visual storytelling emerges as a potent tool for effective Digital Communication. At Essentiate, a Creative Digital Agency, we delve deep into the art of weaving narratives through visuals. Join us on a journey where stories transcend boundaries, meaningfully connecting brands with their audiences.


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