Selling Transformation!

Are you simply selling a product in demand, or are you offering a transformational experience to your customers? This is an important question when crafting your marketing strategy and communicating with potential customers. ( strictly, my take on things around me…)

What does it mean to sell a transformation? 

Essentially, selling is an experience that goes beyond the product itself.

For example, 

Let’s say you are selling “Coffee.”

No one truly cares about your coffee (sorry about that)
But people do care about what your coffee does for them. ( mmmm)

Well, minus the 1% people (like you and me who are cafephile)

Great coffee is abundant. But it would help if you gave them something else instead.

Your coffee being tasty and freshly brewed is essential, but what will keep your customers returning again and again?

Is it the Music, the Barista, the wall arts, the people, the ambiance, or the bitterness mulled with mud/honey/citric tones or the tar black color?  

You are giving your customer a journey! That could be the value of the coffee that you dispense.

Focus on the before, after, and in-between. Show them what their life looks like now, and then paint a picture of what it could look like with your product or the service they encounter.

This helps them envision the transformation they could experience and motivates them to take action repeatedly!

Now, that’s transformational! (my take)
{Now, lemme go back to my green tea} until next time –  ta!

What are you After?

What kind of transformational experience are you giving your customers?

How have their/your lives changed for the better?


Inspiration from an Instagram post:


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