Information Security

Secure Your Business From Digital Threats

Do you feel like you’re always playing catch-up when it comes to information security? Are you tired of worrying about cyber attacks and data breaches?

We focus on cybersecurity solutions that are customized to meet the demands of your brand. We’ll cover everything from network security to incident response planning and implementation.

Our specialists will collaborate with your IT team to evaluate your current security practices and create a customized roadmap to safeguard your brand against online threats and instill confidence in your valued customers. As a martech agency, we understand the importance of maintaining customer trust and brand reputation.

Security Setup

Websites and the networks they are connected to are susceptible to security breaches. If website visitors encounter malicious viruses or suffer a phishing attack due to ill-willed individuals or automated programs, your website’s reputation will be affected, and the traffic could decrease.

At Essentiate, we recognize that a security breach can be one of the most damaging situations for any business, regardless of size. Retaining customer trust can be challenging if confidential data or other key information is exposed. In order to avoid such circumstances, it is vital to implement appropriate website security procedures; this is something we specialize in at Essentiate.

Our experienced team has expertise in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities such as exploits, DDoS attacks, malware, SQL injections, security misconfiguration, and firewall management.

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Security Audits

Audit in the field of cybersecurity will guarantee robust protection for your organization’s networks, devices, and data from any potential leaks, data breaches, or malicious interference.

Our approach starts with determining the adequacy of your system controls and ensuring compliance with your organization’s established security policies and procedures. Audits are an important way of assessing an organization’s security controls – these are the operational, procedural, or technical measures implemented to protect its information systems. Scrutinize existing security controls, evaluate implementation, check functions, and assess effectiveness at reducing potential risks.
Carry out a thorough IT security audit critical for assessing your security position. This involves scrutinizing your hardware, procedures, and configurations.

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Detect & Defend

At Essentiate, we recommend applying the Detect & Defend approach to secure your business and its assets. Taking security seriously is the key to creating a robust security strategy, and understanding the various methods of defense available is essential.

We are here to help you implement these fundamentals through our security services, penetration testing results, threat awareness, and education for your staff.

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