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About Us

We are a diverse and growing team that thinks digital and is inspired by evolving tech. In this dynamic economy, Essentiate works with brands on a strategic level to build their online presence and ensure scalability and sustainability. We work closely with the brand’s marketing team to develop and execute a tailored approach that combines martech, content, and cybersecurity services.

Our Approach

Why Essentiate?

Tech Integration


tech integration

Essentiate works as your full-spectrum digital and tech services partner to deliver desired results. We design and develop research-based solutions, create intuitive and interactive interfaces, and build high-performing, secure, scalable applications and websites.

What We Do:


Integrated Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing/Organic Search/Content Marketing

We help progressive businesses build a consistent brand image across digital platforms by integrating multiple marketing services to create a cohesive digital approach for your business. Tell a unique, uniform, compelling brand story to your customers across platforms to ensure chances of getting noticed by targeted consumers and help potential customers make decisions along their buyer journey.

We help you plan your paid, earned, and owned media and ensure you’re using it the right way.


Content Strategy & Architecture


content strategy & architecture

Telling your story well and talking to your audience matters. 

Essentiate offers personalized content strategies and designs for various business needs, including Website and social media. 

We specialize in creating content and designing relevant marketing collaterals that are up to date on socio-economic and business trends. Essentiate works closely with you to understand your brand’s ideology, end consumer, and marketing requirements to deliver content and creatives to turn readers into customers and enhance sales.


SEO & Inbound Engagements


seo & inbound engagement

If you’re an active user on the internet and search for such information, then as a business owner, you should know that there are millions of internet users around the world searching for information related to your business services too. 

A search engine usually provides the most relevant information in the search results. Most users do not go past the first or second page of search results. Therefore it is necessary to position your Website on the first page of relevant keywords’ search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures search engines understand your website’s information and what your business offers and index your Website for relevant keywords. SEO drives organic traffic to your Website, helps target customers discover your brand and the services offered, and generate inbound leads. 

We partner with your marketing squad to help optimize and improve your Website’s performance to increase page rankings and turn visitors into customers. We devise and execute a content plan prioritizing keywords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC), creating a comprehensive understanding of high-quality, engaging, SEO-friendly content.


Cyber Security


cyber security

As the world’s digital landscape grows and transformation continues, hackers have more access to private, sensitive data than ever before. With the new age of operating systems, evolution in work practices, and the rising costs of cyber attacks, cybersecurity will play a vital role as the economy continues to digitize. 

As the threat landscape evolves daily, the challenges of implementing effective cyber security systems also grow. Businesses find it difficult to make near-real-time decisions to ensure data privacy. Essentiate helps you implement the proper cybersecurity practices and make it a central element of your business culture. 

Explore insights and perspectives and implement a cyber security-first strategy with us.


Growth Consulting

User Engagement/Marketing Funnel/ROMI

growth consulting

If you have a marketing team in place but still find it challenging to create and execute cohesive plans, you’ve come to the right place. Our digital experts work closely with marketing teams to identify and modify actionable strategies and advise on redirecting digital initiatives investment for maximum ROI and sustainability in the long run. 

We provide an expert perspective to your marketing strategy with a data-driven insightful audits followed by meticulous research, formulating an action plan, and setting sustainable KPIs for results-driven execution. 

Our goals for you don’t just include ROMI. It focuses on sustainable growth.  




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We are a young, dynamic, and diverse squad that brings ideas to life and our hybrid working model offers flexibility and collaboration. Essentiate respects work-life balance. While weekdays are meant for work, weekends are meant for play.

If you speak the digital language and are open to working in a hybrid work environment, write to us at or apply for a suitable role from this list. 

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